Gina Moxley

International Mentorship & Bursary 2012
Mentor: Kirsten Dehlholm of Hotel Pro Forma



Gina Moxley is a writer, director and performer. Her theatre plays include The Crumb Trail for Pan Pan; Map of M: Revised for Contovento, Rome; A Heart of Cork for Cork Capital of Culture; Tea Set for Fishamble; Danti-Dan for Rough Magic (Winner of Stewart Parker Award 1996); Dog House for National Connections, U.K.; Toupees and Snare Drums for Coisceim /Abbey Theatre.

Her radio plays include Cuts, Marrying Dad,Physical Geography, The Candidate and Swans Cross. She has also published some short stories.

Gina was director and dramaturg on Finding Sympathy, Solpadeine is My Boyfriend, A Wine Goose Chase, The Wheelchair on My Face ( Scotsman Fringe First winner, Edinburgh 2012) and How to Keep an Alien (Winner Best Production, Dublin Fringe Festival 2014). She was Fringe Lab Dramaturg for Dublin Fringe in 2013 and Irish Patron Playwright at New Plays from Europe Biennale, Wiesbaden, Germany from 2010 to 2014.

Productions with Pan Pan as a performer include The Seagull & Other Birds, Oedipus Loves You, One: Healing with Theatreand The Rehearsal. Playing the Dane.

For the Internatinoal Mentorship & Bursary Programme she worked on ‘Dear Leader’: “Dear Leader is an exploration of totalitarian power, architecture and gender through the figures of Jiang Qing (Madame Mao), Elena Ceausescu and Imelda Marcos and the state orchestrated personality cult surrounding them. It’s a site-specific performance/installation piece for thirteen performers: four actors, nine choir, to be presented in Kilmainham Gaol.”