The Crumb Trail

by Gina Moxley

The death of the Fairy Tale. Can we live in a world without fairy tales?

The Crumb Trail is a decamerous contemporary installation and performance dealing with the notion of crisis and engagement. It’s the death of the Fairy Tale. It’s a detective story, sharp and blunt. Detecting where we are at – but in the dark. Can we not engage with reality anymore? Ice caps are melting and I’m watching people I don’t know on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’ It is Hamlet, it is Hansel and Gretel. They’re all dead lost.

A stark illumination of the cherished fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, The Crumb Trail explores the isolation that comes from groping for survival in a dark world of technology and greed. Featuring a full suite of the media intrusions that now saturate our daily lives – including live video feed, You Tube clips and internet sex rooms.

Written by Gina Moxley
Directed by
Gavin Quinn
Designed by
Aedín Cosgrove
Produced by
Layla O’Mara
Sound design by
Jimmy Eadie
Music by
Gordon is a Mime

Aoife Duffin, Bush Moukarzel, Gina Moxley and Arthur O’Riordan

“Pan Pan was most recently in town with the show Oedipus Loves You, which was one of the most thrilling adaptations of the Oedipus plays to hit the city in recent memory. The Crumb Trail looks and feels almost entirely different, but the same incredible performers (especially the women), astonishing design sense, and incisive eye for raw theatricality are still there.”
Branden Jacobs-Jenkins – The New Yorker

The Crumb Trail fundamentally challenges the idea that the local and specific exist anymore. It proposes a world of personal isolation, electronic simulacra and collapsed narratives in which ‘reality’ is just another genre. This weightlessness can be exhilarating … there’s a relentless and fully embodied courage to the piece.”
Fintan O’Toole – The Irish Times

Nominated for Best Lighting, Irish Times Theatre Awards, 2009

The Crumb Trail from Pan Pan on Vimeo.


  • Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, Ireland
  • TBA Festival, Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts, USA
  • Aarhus Festival, Denmark
  • PS122, New York, USA