Meadhbh Haicéid

International Mentorship & Bursary 2015/6
Mentor: Stewart Laing of Untitled Projects


Meadhbh Haicead


Meadhbh’s work in performance includes playwriting, directing, story-telling and stand-up comedy. She is a founding member of Waterdonkey Theatre Company, with whom she has directed many devised productions including Home (Collaborations, 2015) and the 12-hourHappening (Dublin Fringe Festival, 2011; Cork Solstice, 2011) which both involved live improvisation within a rule-based structure. Her play A Different Animal, produced by Wildebeest, was nominated for the Spirit of the Fringe Award for Writing at Limerick Unfringed (2011). In 2015, Meadhbh presented the experiment in collective spontaneity Chaos (or ‘It Loves to Happen’) at THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON 4 – THE JAM SESSIONS and Quarter Block Party, Cork. Previous solo work also includes one-woman show MADONNA which Meadhbh wrote and performed (Dublin Fringe Festival 2013; THEATRE MACHINE Vol. 3, 2013; W.I.P Cork Solstice, 2012).

For Pan Pan’s International Mentorship programme, Meadhbh plans to write a script that interrogates the processes of commemoration and forgetting through the lens of the historic relationship between Belgium and the Congo.