The Importance Of Nothing

The Importance of Nothing

A comedy about a drama therapy class in an imaginary prison.
Picture an imaginary prison where the drama therapy is twenty fours a day. Drama therapist, Lady Lancing has dedicated her life to conducting anti-homophobic workshops utilizing the life and works of Oscar Wilde.

The prisoner’s patience and imaginations are teased to refashion or to completely overhaul Wilde’s material and the threads that are interwoven through his works and the social conventions of the past century.

“Pain unlike pleasure wears no mask”
Oscar Wilde

Cast: Andrew Bennett, Una McKevitt, Mark O’Halloran and Dylan Tighe
Director: Gavin Quinn
Set Design: Aedín Cosgrove
Lighting Design: Zia Holly
Music: Si Schroeder
Costumes: Catherine Fay

“It’s intensely human, funny and touching in equal measure.”
Dylan Coburn Gray for DRAFF

 “So brilliant is the humour you could almost miss the subtle yet powerful interrogations taking place. Like Wilde’s work, there are secrets hidden beneath the laughter and a burning intelligence at play.”
The Arts Review

“Pan Pan, who have already radically adapted Shakespeare, Ibsen and Chekhov, admirably offer something new on Wilde’s legacy. This cunning production weaves the writer’s biography and work through a playful conceit: a drama therapy class for prison inmates.”
Exeunt Magazine



  • Project Arts Centre
    12 - 19 Nov 2016
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