Dick Walsh; Two New Plays

We’re delighted to announce that we will be presenting two new plays by Dick Walsh in the Project Cube 17–21 June. Dick Walsh, a former participant in the Pan Pan International Theatre Mentorship Scheme, uses his writing to explore the use of anecdotes under theatrical conditions. The two plays look at people who talk about everything, everything but themselves, and let us feel for these people, these people with no feelings of their own. It’s a unique experience; basically the first experimental theatre since the seventies that requires brains.

A Dangerman
A homage to that social misfit; to that guy you know, who you try to avoid. He could talk for hours. But never listen back. He is hard to take seriously, isn’t he… but what if we do? This play is your chance to explore social terror up close and from a distance.

Some Baffling Monster
Three men live on a farm. Three generations. When cows start to die the old antagonisms return and a fight begins. This play explores anecdotes in the context of a familiar story.

‘It’s a risky strategy but Dick Walsh takes no prisoners’ – Herald Scotland
‘I thought he might actually kill us’ – Irish Times
‘Dick Walsh takes the cliché and runs with it‘ – Irish Theatre Magazine


  • Project Arts Centre
    17 - 21 June 2014