by the company

A physical theatre piece which explores another reality, an escape from mundane things.

“It’s amazing people haven’t tried to ride them. I suppose their backs aren’t long enough. I walked into a pole yesterday. It was very unpleasant. I thought I had split my face. I was day dreaming.”

“Nothing can save you from becoming a clown, no matter what you may think of yourself:”

Directed by Gavin Quinn
Set design by Andrew Clancy
Lighting design by Kevin Treacy
Costume design by Suzanne Cave
Sound design by Brian Mooney

Produced by Aoife White

Joe Corbett, Derrick Devine, James Hosty and Emma McIvor

Deflowerfucked is Pan Pan Theatre’s eleventh, highly successful, attempt to “explore the languages and broaden the definition of theatre in the context of cultural relevance”. Well yes, certainly, but it’s way more fun than that…It’s absolutely bloody hilarious…. I’ll hypothetically wager it’ll be the most worthwhile, most entertaining piece of theatre you’ll see all year.”


  • Granary Theatre, Cork, Ireland
  • International Theatre Confrontations Festival, Lublin, Poland
  • SFX City Theatre, Dublin, Ireland