Ruairí Donovan

International Mentorship & Bursary 2015/6
Mentor: Stewart Laing of Untitled Projects


Ruairí Donovan

Ruairí’s work sits at the intersection of dance, theatre and live art where he aims to offer dramaturgies of participation during live performance.Ruairí has been making dances in Ireland since 2008. He is from County Cork and his practice is concerned with ‘the need for roots’ and queering representations of the dancing body.

Ruairí’s work has been presented extensively at home and abroad in Europe and the USA. He has performed for Mårten Spångberg, toured internationally with Keith Hennessy and TURBULENCE (a dance about the economy) since 2011 and is engaged in an ongoing research with collaborator Siriol Joyner (Cmyru). He recently performed a solo dance for 30,000 people with Arcade Fire and his ​​work ZOMBIES; why death is dying or are you working hard enough? received the Judges Choice award at the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2014.

For Pan Pan’s International Mentorship programme, Ruairí will work to develop a new performance piece, SOLDIERS, about failure and identity in the context of the Irish 1916 Centenary. The performance would occur on Sheares Street, in Cork City; the site of the Volunteer Hall where in 1916 approximately 1000 men gathered under Thomás Mac Curtain only to be sent home after contradictory messages from Dublin.

Photo by Robbie Sweeney