June 2015


As part of the Barbican’s International Beckett Season Pan Pan is delighted to bring All That Fall to London next week. More details and ticket information here.

Seated in rocking chairs, audiences are immersed into an atmospheric chamber of multiple speakers and ambient lights, experiencing Samuel Beckett’s first radio play as he intended. Unsightly, ungainly and unwell, Maddy Rooney trudges laboriously from her home to Boghill Station, conversing with a richly conjured cast of characters along the way. She’s meeting her blind husband Dan off the train, but there’s been a delay. Sit back and listen to an intricate composition of voices. Weaving words and sounds to musical effect, recorded text comes out of the dark to reveal a bleakly comic account of one couple’s unending misery.

Committed to developing new forms of theatrical expression, Pan Pan Theatre presents All That Fall as a communal storytelling event. Featuring outstanding vocal performances, the show is a winner of two Irish Times Theatre Awards for Best Sound and Best Lighting Design.

“Gavin Quinn’s radical production goes further in honoring the spirit of Beckett’s wish, situating the play in the realm of pure imagination.”
Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

“Beckett wanted the play “to come out of the dark”, and Gavin Quinn’s intriguing installation-style production for Pan Pan Theatre delivers just that. As if to remind of the proximity of death, the audience is seated on cushions embroidered with skulls in individual rocking chairs. Glowing lightbulbs hang above us like pitiless stars. There are no live actors, only voices (and sound and lighting effects), but it always feels bleatingly alive.”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Kindly supported by Culture Ireland
Photographer: Ros Kavanagh

BRAVE NEW WORLDat Theater Bonn, Halle Beuel
Adapted for the stage from Aldous Huxley’s novel by Robert Koall
Directed by Gavin Quinn
Designed by Aedín Cosgrove
Opens Friday 18th September 2015 – 8pmAs part of as part of Save The World II Festival Pan Pan and Theater Bonn present a version of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, adapted for the stage by Robert Koall.
1932 saw the publication of one of the most important utopian novels of the 20th century: a perfidiously seductive vision of the future, the construction of a paradise in which happiness is administered like a drug. Sex and conspicuous consumption are rampant, and human reproduction is organized via industrial methods. At the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre people get cloned by the dozen through the Bokanovsky process and conditioned according to their class by emotional engineering. Envy, mourning and suffering have been abolished, and any remaining unforeseen emotional hick-ups are dealt with through soma – a drug sending the stressed person straight into nirvana. Everything seems under control. Everything is cared for. It’s the best of all possible worlds – until someone looks under the surface and discovers a bottomless pit of arrogance and nastiness. And, lo and behold, like every paradise this one only exists as long as everybody believes in it. There are three unconventional lost souls who cannot bear to live “happily” without freedom any longer – who simply cease to believe.Photo: © Masterlu | Dreamstime.com – Hong Kong Block

The Symposium Day marked the end of the Pan Pan International Mentorship & Bursary Programme 2014-5 with the participants Amy ConroyPaul CurleyKate HeffernanHilary O’Shaughnessy and Martin Sharry, and mentor Tim Crouch.

The Symposium Day is an informal event where the five participants had the opportunity to introduce and discuss some of the ideas and working methods that they explored during the mentorship. Tim Crouch also gave a short introduction to his work as a theatre maker, writer and performer. There was a chance for everyone in the room to discuss mentoring in general, and this mentorship programme in particular. Here are a selection of pics to get a flavour of the Symposium day.
Paul Curley & Tim Crouch Amy Conroy & Tim Crouch Hilary O'Shaughnessy & Tim Crouch

Kate Heffernan & Tim Crouch Martin Sharry & Tim Crouch Pan Pan Symposium Day Audience

Photographs by Senija Topcic

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