Pan Pan at OBJECTS – Prague Quadrennial 2015







As part of the Prague Quadrennial 2015‘s exhibition Objects Pan Pan’s Co-Artistic Director & Scenographer, Aedí­n Cosgrove, presents the story of the two cats from The Seagull & Other Birds (premiered at the Dublin Theatre Festival 2014).
18-28 June 2015 |Nová Síň Gallery,Voršilská 139/3, Prague 1

“I was base enough today to kill this gull. I lay it at your feet.”
Konstantin Treplieff.  The Seagull by Anton Chekhov.

The Exhibition: OBJECTS

The world is made up of stories, and we are their actors. Sometimes we appear in the main roles, sometimes in supporting roles. Sometimes we are co-authors, sometimes just random bystanders. The places where these stories take place are also their stages and auditoriums. And we see the objects in those stories as props forming an intimate part thereof.

Curated by Tomáš Svoboda, this exhibition presents a disparate collection of items, objects, and props that have made public appearances in the theatre or in public space. But none stands on its own. They all represent the stories to which they are linked. They contain either a strong personal story, a story associated with the theatre or a public performance, or they relate to a political or social context

Pan Pan’s participation in Objects is kindly supported by Culture Ireland.