Alan Howley

International Mentorship & Bursary 2018/19
Mentor: Johanna Freiburg


Alan is a performer and theatre maker based in Dublin. He began acting with Dublin Youth Theatre, subsequently studying Performance at Dartington College of Arts, Devon. He has performed both nationally and internationally including shows in Dublin Theatre Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, as well as festivals in France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Finland and Malaysia.

Alan’s solo performance works box, bruise, show off and looking have been shown in the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, and the Expo festival of Live Art in Nottingham.

Alan is director of performance group Breach & Quinn. Their short performance pieces manifesto, captive, umbrage, and An Act of Violence have been shown at Project Arts Centre and Smock Alley. Their show SCORE (Tiger Dublin Fringe, 2015) played venues around Ireland, as well as Theaterszene Europa festival, Cologne and, in August 2018, at George Town Festival, Malaysia.

During the mentorship, Alan will develop REMEMBER YOU MUST DIE (A History of Onstage Dying); a performance lecture (exploring death, performing, and being ‘live’), which falls apart when Alan’s mother intrudes. She’s an attention grabber. And she’s dead.